Merry Christmas

Our Christmas day is winding down, and the children are now in bed. I have gone the past four days staying up until midnight at the earliest (closer to 1:30am the past two nights just trying to wrap gifts). I can’t recall any other year where I have had so much wrapping to do so late into the night. I ask myself why this is the case, and the only conclusion I can come to, is I purchased more items this year that my daughters, at least, actually need (clothing, shoes), or items that can be shared with the family (board games). These items weren’t particularly expensive, but I still bought quite a bit of them. To top it off, we purchased a loft bed for our oldest, making it very clear to her that she would not get as many gifts from us under the tree as her younger siblings might, to offset the difference. Did this actually come to fruition? I honestly don’t know. It appeared that my middle child had more gifts than my oldest, but considering I could barely see straight by the time I completed the gift wrapping marathon of the past two days, I cannot be entirely sure.

I have learned a lesson here, though: MAKE A LIST AND STICK TO IT. I also need to be more organized in the area of the actual gift wrapping process. Sitting on the floor with gifts surrounding me, in no real semblance of an order is most likely why it took me so long to complete the task. This was with my husband’s help. Keep in mind, he has not been feeling well for the past few days-and I haven’t been feeling much better. Probably not a good combination for getting a lot of gift wrapping done quickly. Getting it done in advance was probably a better way to go-especially since I’ve been buying things off and on for the past month. But there is always next year.

Christmas Eve day I smacked my foot on the coffee table as I was walking by my daughter in the living room (yes, I’m apparently a klutz), and as a result I have a bruise on the top of my foot-the same foot I have been having the pain in at the large toe joint. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t hurt unless I push on it, which is good. This should (hopefully) mean I can get my last 37km in before the end of the year (fingers crossed). I will have 6 days to complete these kilometers. My plan is the run at least one 10k because I have a virtual run that I need to complete for that distance by January 1st. Aside from that, I may be running multiple times a day to get these done. I am determined to complete this, and will report back when I do!

The holidays are always such a busy time that I truly look forward to-but it can also be very difficult and stressful for me. Last year I had a brand new baby, which was hard (and I was hormonal). This year I have a one year old that had a birthday party 9 days before Christmas (stressful, but fun). Essentially, as stressful and busy as the holidays can be, this additional party for my son feels like it just makes things way more hectic, but of course is worth it! 😉

We typically spend Christmas eve with my husband’s side of the family, which is always a great time. A few years ago we added a white elephant gift exchange component to it, and that has been a huge success. This year, I got an Instant Pot, which I’m really excited about-but rather intimidated about as well. We will see how that goes-especially since I don’t consider myself a culinary expert! Christmas day is usually spent at our home, and my parents and sister come over-sometimes additional relatives if they happen to be in town/available to come over. This year, it was just my parents and sister with our children, my husband, and me. It was a small but fun time-and my oldest daughter taught my sister how to play a card game that I wound up winning at! Overall, a successful Christmas eve and Christmas day, though it definitely flew by! Additionally, our son was way more interested in the wrapping paper and his big sisters’ gifts than he was in his own new toys! Such is life for a 1 year old!

Last time I ran was the 22nd. Next time I can guarantee I will run is the 27th. It’s getting down to crunch time for completing my 1017km, but I think I can do it. I’m mentioning it here (and twice in this blog entry) as I really could use the added motivation with it being about 5 degrees outside right now, and snowing, thus forcing me to run indoors on the dreadmill, or complete 75 (yes, 75) laps around the indoor track at the gym to finish a simple 5k. Ugh…winter running is so not fun!

Now I need to get to bed before midnight, so I am wrapping this up with a shout out to my parents for getting me a hanger for my running medals that has a profile of a female running, and says ‘She Believed She Could So She Did”. My parents have always been great supporters of my running, and I really appreciate them! Merry Christmas!

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