Can I start running outside please?!

I have been able to run outside once in the past three weeks, and it’s so frustrating!

With the cold weather, lately on a run day I typically run to the gym, run at the gym, and run back to work (allowing for time to shower before going back, because, let’s face it, nobody wants to smell a runner after they’ve been running)! I can’t stand my own stench after a run, so I certainly wouldn’t subject my co-workers to that! It’s an acceptable way to get my runs in, but I look forward to the days I can actually go running outside on a more regular basis, and even go with friends for a run. Right now it’s mostly a lonely running season, aside from running near people on a treadmill. This is only fun if you happen to see someone you know-which happens every once in awhile. It passes the time when you can chat! Otherwise, I have begun to listen to podcasts while running.

Speaking of podcasts, yes, I just started listening to them. My husband teases me that those have been around for, well, 10 years or more. Apparently I just didn’t notice, or didn’t care to look into them. They are AMAZING! I personally enjoy listening to the ones that solve crimes, but there are plenty of others that I plan to check out and haven’t yet. You can pretty much pick whatever topic you’re interested in, and there is a podcast about it. EVEN RUNNING! Since I read and write so much about running already, I haven’t yet listened to podcasts about it-but I probably will!

Last week I did a superb job of sticking to my strength training routine, if I do say so myself. I attended Body Pump class Monday and Wednesday over lunch, and Saturday morning at the gym near where I live. I must say, I have a conflict with regard to the Saturday morning class. On one hand, I love that there are a lot of people there looking to get stronger-but on the other hand I despise the fact that there are so many people, and I was unable to get all of the plates I needed for effectively lifting. Don’t get me wrong, I was able to lift some relatively heavy weight-the problem is, I usually like to lift a bit lighter when working out certain muscle groups (see one of my other posts regarding the different exercises in Body Pump class). On the other hand, lifting the heavier weights than I normally would, and seeing how my arms still feel pretty good a day later, I think I now have a better idea as to what I should really be lifting. Clearly in some cases, I wasn’t lifting enough weight!

It dawned on me Saturday that it’s about a month until my next 10k race, and up until that day I hadn’t ran more than about 4.5 miles at a time during a given week since the new year! Even that has been sporadic, with most of my runs being between 2-3 miles. So I decided to run a 10k Sunday on the treadmill at the gym, to see where I am at, and I’m very pleased with the results. I completed it in less than 50 minutes, with an 8 minute/mile average pace. Not too bad, though not PR worthy. Which is fine, considering this is training. I also now have a base to go off of, with goals to keep me on track. My goal is to ‘officially’ PR in the 10k this year, so if it doesn’t happen in my first official 10k race of 2018, that’s okay!

Today I was all set to go to Body Pump over lunch, to start my week out right-never miss a Monday, right? Well, as far as this Monday is concerned…sort of! Apparently it was our turn to have a bunch of snow dumped on our city, so since I could barely see the building across from me through the snow when looking out my window, I opted to skip the class today and avoid walking through the blowing snow.

Yep, the chance of running outside anytime soon is looking even more bleak than it did a day ago. Such is life in Nebraska!

So on the agenda tonight is to do push ups, squats, jumping jacks, etc. In other words, I’m turning to my trusty Pinterest page for some inspiration since I’ll be staying home. It doesn’t appear the snow is going to let up much, and even if it does, the temperature isn’t going to get any warmer to melt the snow. This means icy roads I don’t want to drive on unless absolutely necessary!

If you’re looking for any running or exercise inspired quotes or ideas, my Pinterest page is irishrunner80.

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