Go Go Gadget Legs!

If the title to this entry grabbed your attention, then you must be someone that likes to run! I saw this sign on the pavement when I was running on Tuesday, and really wanted to incorporate it somehow into my next blog entry, so here it is! 😉

It has been awhile since I wrote, and while unintentional, I have just been extremely busy living life and running.

I had been recently training for an upcoming 5K, which unfortunately got cancelled yesterday (boo)! At this point, I am up in the air as to when I will be able to run a timed 5K this year. In the meantime, I do have a scheduled (timed) 10K on the horizon in June, so there is that.

Quick recap of what has been going on.

At the end of March/beginning of April I started having a familiar not-so-friendly feeling in my right foot, like I was perhaps getting a stress fracture again. This happened back in 2014 and meant I didn’t run for about two agonizing months. To take extra precautions I went ahead and scheduled an appointment with my ortho doc ASAP. Results: no fracture on the x-ray, and after 2 weeks of (on again off again) wearing of a CAM boot, the results were the same, though this time, no pain after about a week (hence the “off again” part of wearing the boot), as it had apparently resolved itself. My conclusion (and after listening to several episodes of a podcast called “Doc on the Run”): inflamed tendons/ligaments. I’m sure there is a more scientific or scholarly description for what I had, but I haven’t gone to medical school for such things, so I’ll just leave it at that.

By mid-April I was back at running again on a pretty regular basis, along with strength training (yay Body Pump class!). Getting back into my normal exercise routine always gives me a sense of contentment. Anyway, I was moving along with my regular, predictable routine, when BAM, my mom called to ask to take her to the hospital where my dad was at with their car.

He had failed his stress test. Result: he needed open heart surgery.

This turned into a rather hectic, unpredictable schedule for about 10 days as my dad had to stay in the hospital awaiting surgery, since he was apparently the “healthiest” of the heart patients (no other underlying medical conditions) and the doctor only completed two of these type of surgeries a day. So after patiently waiting in the hospital five days, my dad had triple bypass heart surgery on April 30th.

The feeling when the medical personnel come into the waiting room and tell you that they have him “opened up” and are “getting started”…whew, that was tough! Then, they mention he’s “on bypass”…the feeling is pretty damn close to how it might feel if one were to actually lose a parent. It’s surreal, scary, and you feel helpless, and just hope the doctor really does know what the heck he is doing.

Then the doctor comes in after all is said and done (around 5.5 hours later), and says, in a very matter-of-fact way “it went well, and he is in recovery”. Just like that. Did I mention this doctor is probably younger than me? I’m not even 40. I don’t think I’ve felt so impressed by someone’s ability to practice medicine since, well, probably ever. My mom thanked him profusely and acted like she wanted to hug him, but shook his hand instead. 🙂

My feelings now are nothing short of just absolute gratefulness. Grateful that he happened to be having a stress test for life insurance (good idea Mom), because had he not, he may have just been walking along one day soon, and his heart would have just given up on him. Grateful that there are people that can help those with ischemic heart disease and give my dad a better quality of life. Grateful that my dad is looking at this positively and looking forward to possibly getting back into more intense cardio, after having to watch his heart rate carefully for the past 17 years, since he had a legit heart attack and had to have a stent put in, back in 2001.

So grateful that I still have time with my dad. He says maybe he can run again now. If he can, great, if not, that’s cool too. I am just glad I get more time to chat with about topics ranging from the highly interesting to the mundane. So glad because even though I can take care of myself now, I really need him around as long as possible. Let’s face it, there never seems to be enough time with a loved one (especially a parent-or so I’ve heard…I’m blessed to still have both of mine so far).

I hope he is able to stick around to watch me run a marathon someday. Maybe after his required 3 months of “not lifting anything over 10 lbs”, we can go for a “light jog”. 😉 But seriously, a walk would do just fine!

In the meantime, I will continue to run my a$$ off for myself as well as for all of those that can’t. After my dad’s experience I’m even more thankful for my health. Thanks in large part to his influence, I’m an opinionated, kind-hearted, social go-getter with a sense of humor that happens to love to run.

Next time you go for a run, remember all those that cannot run and “go go gadget legs”!

Happy running!

2 thoughts on “Go Go Gadget Legs!

  1. So glad to hear that your dad’s experience had a happy ending, and that he will be able to spectate at your (future) marathons! Your title did grab my attention. My kids used to watch “Inspector Gadget” when they were little, and I remember his tag line very well! 🙂

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