August is Here

It is now August and I must admit there hasn’t been anything particularly spectacular that has happened on the running front lately. I haven’t hit any PRs, nor have I ran any timed race events since June. Last week we went on vacation and I only ran three times the entire week. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the runs and the weather was perfect, but it was a vacation with family and I wanted to soak up as much time with them as possible!

Thus, I have sort of taken it easy as far as mileage, and reassessed my goals. The fact is, I have three children, a spouse with a very demanding job, a full time job myself, and just other day-to-day responsibilities that have required more of my attention than last year it seems. Plus, I am Mom. I am the first person they all go to. Even my toddler boy. 💙

Two of my children are school aged and have activities we need to juggle. Along with that, they actually enjoy spending time with me! Leaving for an early evening run before their bedtime isn’t really a fantastic option when it means I won’t get to spend time with them before bed. So sometimes I’ll run later, or not at all because I have household work to do.

The toddler may not have activities yet, but he just requires a lot of attention. I can’t exactly leave him alone in an area for an extended period of time unless it’s his crib-plus, it truly is SO FUN playing with him! Just playing with a ball (his favorite), and trucks is amusing. Last night, showing him how to fit shapes through this toy we have at home was nothing short of amazing-he was SO FASCINATED by it. I think I’ve grown in my patience and desire to just enjoy these little moments since having my first child. I guess it’s because I now know these times fly by so quickly.

The great thing is, my youngest loves being in his stroller. This wasn’t the case with his sisters once they could walk. A jog with him could be possible, though tough (jogging with a stroller is HARD-especially if you’re pushing a toddler that weighs 25+ lbs as opposed to an infant)!

So there are some perfectly reasonable excuses not to run. That, and I’m just not a morning person, so a run before work isn’t exactly something I’d like to do. I am running mostly over lunch and on weekends, but I also need to strength train. I’ve been really focused on this lately and as a result it seems that while I’m not necessarily running as many miles a week, I’m maintaining quality runs. I truly think the strength training has helped.

I guess I’ll leave with this idea…maintain my strength training and still set some goals to pick up my mileage but I don’t intend to overthink it. Last year when running more miles and training, I had a rather loose training plan. As a parent it’s very difficult to have expectations that are set in stone. As a runner I need to understand this as well. There is necessary routine to both parenting and running, but there is also a need for flexibility. I feel contentment with the way things are going, so I think my plan will work for now.

Until next time…happy running!

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