Goal Setting

I’ve been thinking about goal setting a lot lately. My daughter recently finished a program called “Girls on the Run” which taught her about this very topic, as well as promoting confidence and teamwork. I feel that this program was a great early start for her to realize her abilities for success in any sport (or anything in life), regardless of whether or not she decides running is for her. She has even realized at her young age just how much swimming makes her happy, and she is ‘less stressed’ after she swims, even though sometimes she ‘doesn’t feel like going to swim team practice’.

My oldest daughter’s self awareness amazes me! She also wants to get better at swimming. She is already on the path toward goal setting! I cannot recall a time when I was that young that I truly had those type of expectations for myself.

I think I’m doing my job as a mom. I set goals and I reach them, specifically with running. My girls obviously see that. This gives me a tremendous amount of motivation to continue and to succeed in my goals.

My plans for 2019 are lofty, but I believe that they can be reached as I have the tools to succeed (experience) and the motivation to get to it (my children, my health, my love of running).

For the rest of 2018 I’m going to go easy on my running and focus more on my strength training so I can have a good basis for starting my running related training plans for 2019.

Part of this will include focusing on my nutrition. I really need to work on finding a balance with my strength training and my nutrition. My arms are looking more toned and feel stronger. But I want more noticeably stronger legs too-specifically in my calves.

This is where leg workouts and specific nutrition will need to come into play (or so I’ve recently learned). Apparently just running doesn’t give your leg muscles definition, if you’re a distance runner. 😉

But, according to a weightlifting coach friend of mine, you don’t need definition in your leg muscles to have strong legs. I totally understand this, and I think my legs are strong (thanks to the many squats I do on a regular basis). But I have been so successful with gaining definition in my arms, I really want to work on my legs as a goal. What can I say, I love a challenge? I also apparently love setting goals!

Stay tuned, and happy running!

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