Track Running

I did a track workout a couple weeks ago, and it brought back memories of racing in grade school and high school. The difference, as I can recall, is this time I had to maintain very specific paces.

I don’t really recall being coached to run a specific pace in my younger years of running. Perhaps it is due to the fact that my understood pace was not fully developed yet. Perhaps it is due to the way running, and training for races, has evolved. Or perhaps it is just because I used to run much shorter races.

My workout consisted of running 800s, 400s, and 200s at varying paces. I elaborate on the workout on my Instagram post, which you can find by heading to @irish_runnergirl and clicking on my post from that date (August 6th) to read further.

These ‘speed training’ sessions, as they are often called are really helpful with training. I never really incorporated this type of workout into my routine until my last training cycle for my latest half marathon that was in May. It’s amazing how helpful one speed session a week can be in training for these longer distances! It engages different muscles and really helps performance gains on race day (from a very unscientific point of view).

That being said, as I continue with my marathon specific training and have started running again with my running group, I need to tailor these speed sessions more toward that goal. Unfortunately, this program is geared towards an upcoming half marathon race. I believe I can still make it work, but will definitely be doing some research to ensure I am focusing on the most important aspect of marathon training, which is improving my aerobic ability.

This coming weekend will mark the end of week 9 of my training, and Saturday will be my longest run ever so far, with 17 miles on the schedule. I’m both excited and nervous! 😬

My last really long run was 15 miles, and almost two weeks ago, as last week was a “cut back week” (typical part of marathon training plans). It went very well aside from some joint discomfort towards the end, and feeling like the last two miles or so were taking f o r e v e r! Luckily, I had a running friend to keep me going! This coming weekend my plan is to run some on my own and some with friends. I believe with my positive thinking and smart hydration/nutrition, I can conquer those 17 miles! 😅

Happy running!

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