Don’t Cry Over Spilled Paint

Last week my 10 year old daughter spilled green acrylic paint on the carpet in her bedroom.

When she finally mustered up the courage to tell me about it, it was after she had attempted to clean it up with one of my nice hand towels and several paper towels. She spread the paint further in the process.

Needless to say I was livid.

It didn’t really help that it happened on a week night, when I had a specific schedule (and a tight one at that) for getting everyone ready for bed and getting myself out the door to run. It didn’t really help that my husband was out of town for work. You see, he is the one that provides a calm perspective to a situation such as this. I, on the other hand, tend to lose my mind! Which is pretty much what I did in this situation.

Was it because of the paint? A little…but let me explain. Our oldest daughter is a very social person. She has a loft bed with an attached desk, yet she usually wants to do homework on the kitchen table among chaos and conversation. We are constantly reminding her to go to her room whenever she complains about how distracting the environment is, because she has her own desk.

She wanted to design an elaborate Valentine’s Day card holder with a turtle on it. Hence, the green paint. But in this case, I asked her to work on it in the kitchen with newspaper to protect the table.

She decided to ignore me and work on the turtle in her room…which led to the spilled paint.

The fact that I feel she didn’t listen is why I was so angry. But she was so upset and apologetic! So I went to Lowe’s and purchased special cleaning solution to remove acrylic/latex paint ‘from multiple surfaces’. Yes, this product exists! She not only agreed to pay for the cleaning product, but she also worked on cleaning up the spill on her own. I also got my run in, though it was about an hour later than originally planned. Thank you, mom and dad for helping me out! 😄

At the end of all of this, she designed a very nice, creative Valentine’s Day box! Plus, after a couple of days cleaning, it is a very light green though not completely gone. Now that I’m a few days past this, I can really put it into perspective. Nobody got hurt, and she actually learned a lesson-after all, at 10 she was conscious of the mistake and was able to accept responsibility for it. Plus, she is very unhappy about the stain in her room and has discussed purchasing an area rug for it!

As a mom, I have learned something too-don’t cry over spilled paint! After all, it doesn’t change anything. What’s done, is done. Plus, any frustration you feel from the situation, can always be solved with a good run!

The spill!

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